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The Exhibitor Priority Point system has been developed to recognize exhibitor support of the ATS International Conference.  The cumulative number of priority points determines the time and date a company is given to choose exhibit space for the following year’s conference. Exhibit space is assigned in the order of priority points during the pre-sale appointments. Exhibitor Priority Points are received throughout the year by completing tasks and by overall spend as indicated below.

The ATS Priority Point System works as follows:

General Rules:

  • The ATS Priority Points program is available to all current exhibitors for a limited time. 
  • Exhibitors that purchase multiple booths as a result of various products and services, or to display international divisions, are credited with all booths purchased by the exhibitor.
  • If two companies merge, the company with the highest number of points will have the points applied to the current year’s total. The priority points are not combined.
  • Points are evaluated on a case-by-case basis for companies sharing space one year and exhibiting separately in subsequent years.
  • Exhibitors agree to abide by the terms and conditions as set forth in the Exhibitor Prospectus and the ATS International Conference Rules & Regulations, which forms a part of this agreement between the exhibiting company, and the ATS.
  • If an exhibitor does not participate for three (3) or more consecutive years, all priority points are forfeited.
  • Complimentary Exhibitors will not earn priority points.
  • In case of a tie, with two or more companies have the same number of priority points, the size of the space requested dictates the order of space assignment selection, followed by the date on which the application and initial deposit is received.
  • Exhibit Space is assigned in the order of priority points during the pre-sale appointments.

Cumulative Historical Points

  • ATS calculates accumulated points for all previous base year (1995-current).
  • Exhibitor points are cumulative and carried from one participating year to the next.

Exhibitor Space Points

  • Exhibitors are awarded three (3) points for the first 100 square feet of exhibit space paid and occupied at the show.
  • Exhibitors are awarded one (1) additional point for each additional 100 square feet of exhibit space paid and occupied at the show.
  • If an exhibitor elects to reduce its booth space, they earn half of the total points for the final square footage at the time of the conference.

Marketing, Industry Support, and Advertising Points

  • The ATS awards one (1) point for every $10,000 spent on either a Conference Support opportunity or made as a contribution to the ATS Research Program through fundraising activities in an exhibit booth.
  • Exhibitors are awarded one (1) additional point for completing and returning your Exhibitor Survey by the requested deadline.

Housing/Hotel Booking Points

  • Exhibitors are awarded 25 points for booking and utilizing hotel rooms in the Exhibitor Room block through the ATS official housing bureau, Experient.

Point Deductions

  • Points are deducted for violations of the ATS International Conference Rules & Regulations.
  • Violations that occur during the Conference will affect the priority space selection points and selection order for the following year. 

All exhibiting companies will be notified via email approximately one month prior to the conference of their priority point total and space selection assignments.

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