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Your Exhibition and Sponsorship Team

Exhibit Operations
Christine Zahn
Director, Corporate Alliances & Exhibition Operations
Phone: 212-315-8682

Exhibit Sales
Steven Strom
Exhibit Sales Associate
Phone: 661-615-3515

Sponsorship and Industry Programs (Non-CME Symposia, Industry Theaters, Practical Workshops, and Guru Bars)
Fiona Zheng
Manager, Corporate Alliances & Exhibit Operations
Phone: 212-315-8605

Sponsorship and Strategic Partnerships
Stacy McManus, CEM
Senior Director, Strategic Business Initiatives
Phone: 212-315-8699

Business Development
Michelle Turenne
Chief of Development
Phone: 212-315-6448

ATS Corporate Member Program and Educational Grants
Vlada Kagan O'Hara
Assistant Manager, Corporate Alliances
Phone: 212-315-8686