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ATS 2021
May 15-19

Friday, May 14 | Saturday, May 15

Exhibit Hall
Abstract Presentations
On-Demand Sessions
Opening Ceremony (May 15)

Unopposed Engagement Times

May 16 - 19
2.5 hours daily

Key Exhibitor Dates

Feb. 5 Engagement Package Sales Opens

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Feb. 17 Sample Templates/Page Specs Provided

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Mar. 5 Welcome Letter With Instructions to Access Your Page

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Mar. 15 Exhibitor Registration Opens

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Apr. 8 Final Payment Due/No Refunds After This Date

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Apr. 23 Final Day to Purchase Engagement Packages

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Apr. 30 Virtual Pages Finalized/No Changes After This Date

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Please check back regularly as we continue to update the timeline. Dates subject to change.

Your Exhibition and Sponsorship Team

Exhibit Operations
Christine Zahn
Director, Exhibition Operations
Phone: 212-315-8682

Exhibit Sales
Steven Strom
Exhibit Sales Associate
Phone: 661-615-3515

Sponsorship and Industry Programs
Fiona Zheng
Associate Director, Sponsorships and Programs
Phone: 212-315-8605

Sponsorship and Strategic Partnerships
Stacy McManus, CEM
Senior Director, Strategic Business Initiatives
Phone: 212-315-8699

Business Development
Michelle Turenne
Chief of Development
Phone: 212-315-6448

ATS Corporate Member Program and Educational Grants
Vlada Kagan O'Hara
Associate Director, Corporate Alliances
Phone: 212-315-8686