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Conference registrants receive complimentary access to our ATS Member Community for 90 days!


The ATS has partnered with DocMatter to bring you a member resource designed to help you save time: the ATS Member Community!

ATS members are now able to connect with your peers easier and more efficiently than ever before – each member is paired with a member of the DocMatter Team to provide technical support, as well as personalize your experience based on your specific clinical interests and assist with helping our highly-qualified members find Discussions to which you can lend your expertise. You can even dictate what you'd like them to post to the ATS Member Community on your behalf! 

The ATS Member Community is an online environment built specifically for health care professionals to learn, collaborate by specialty area, mentor, share career advice, and otherwise network with your peers. The ATS Member Community should be reminiscent of in-person educational events, in that it is moderated, organized, and supported by a team of professionals to help you save time and find your cohort.

The ATS Member Community helps members start open, in-depth, clinical and research-based discussions with questions on cases, the latest research, emerging technologies, best practices, or other topics of interest among your fellow ATS Members. You can use any procedural video, journal article, or other point-in-time educational event as the basis for group dialogue on the topic - like a mini-meeting session – and keep the Q&A going all year long, so member interactions do not need to be limited to a couple of times a year. 

We look forward to hearing what you think and seeing your posts in the ATS Member Community

• Collaborate
• Mentor
• Share career advice
• Network with your peers


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  • How do I access the ATS Member Community?

    You may access the ATS Member Community via website ( or through the DocMatter Mobile App (iOS | Android)

    You will also receive email notifications when new Discussions are started within the ATS Member Community that are in line with your interests/expertise. You may update your notification settings in your DocMatter member profile, by emailing, or by replying to any email from DocMatter. 

    When you receive an email about a Discussion you’d like to join, you may click a link in the email to go to the Discussion page to reply, use the DocMatter Mobile App, or respond to the email notification about that Discussion with your reply and the DocMatter Team will add it to the ATS Member Community on your behalf.


  • How do I post to the ATS Member Community?

    Please follow the above directions to access the ATS Member Community.

    You may start a new Discussion on any topic relevant to your ATS peers through the website ( or mobile app (iOS | Android). Simply type in your Discussion prompt or question and upload any relevant media files and hit “Post Discussion.”

    DocMatter is unique in the amount of support their team provides, so you may also email the DocMatter Clinician Support Team or to start a new Discussion on any topic.

  • What should I post to the ATS Member Community?

    It may help to think of Discussions in the ATS Member Community as ongoing in-person meeting sessions. When starting a Discussion, you may take the role of the expert or the learner, beginning with either a question or an educational topic. We recommend adding to your Discussion prompt by uploading/attaching digital media that will augment the conversation, such as:

    • A question or comment about your favorite session from the ATS International Conference
    • Research/Journal Articles
    • New Procedures
    • Emerging Technology
    • Advocacy Efforts
    • Presentation Slides/Videos
    • Cases

  • What support does the DocMatter Team offer?

    The DocMatter Team will:

    • Make Connections by building your profile and update your preferences on your behalf
    • Get Answers to Your Questions by identifying and connecting you with the experts on topics of interest to you 
    • Help Discover the Latest Research by adding referenced literature to posts and helping members share published (and working) content for feedback and further discourse 
    • Assist with Drafting and Posting Discussion Prompts and Responses to teach and learn from your peers (simply send or dictate notes) 
    • Save Your Time by moderating Discussions to filter through the noise and avoid off-topic or duplicate conversations, organizing past Discussions for quick and easy reference, and prompting you to reply when there is a Discussion in your area of expertise 

  • What do I do if I need help?

    Email your personal member of the DocMatter Clinician Support Team, or email with any questions.