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The ATS Exhibitor Success & ROI Center is your and your staff’s FREE, on-demand, 24/7 resource to expand your exhibiting know-how and improve your company’s exhibiting performance and ROI.

For starters, check out the Standout Exhibit Report from ATS 2022. The ATS provides exhibitors with the award winning E3-Exhibiting Effectiveness Evaluation so exhibitors learn, with regard to their booth, product presentation and staff, what they are doing well and what areas can be improved. Our evaluators compile the best ideas into the Standout Exhibit Report. Use this report and your company’s previous E3 reports for guidance, ideas and inspiration when planning for ATS 2023.

Next, take advantage of proven-effective tradeshow productivity resources by following this five-step process:

STEP 1: Download Planning, Cost Control & Measurement Tools:

STEP 2: Download Strategic Planning Exercises: Gather your team and do these exercises around the recommended timeframes

  1. Define Your Outcomes – 16-20 weeks prior to the show
  2. Identify & Attract Your Ideal Visitors – 8-12 weeks prior to the show
  3. Manage Your Visitor Experience – 12-16 weeks prior to the show
  4. Lead Management – 6-8 weeks prior to the show
  5. Measure Your Performance & ROI – 4-6 weeks prior to the show

STEP 3: Watch, Learn & Succeed with Live and On-Demand Webinars:

“New” Exhibitor Web-Briefing: How to Have a Positive and Productive Exhibiting Experience

Tuesday, February 21, 2023
2 - 3 p.m. EST

ATS staff and exhibiting productivity expert, Jefferson Davis of Competitive Edge will share important show and attendee information, discuss the "ins and outs" of exhibiting at ATS 2023, and provide useful knowledge with exhibiting tools and resources critical to your company's exhibiting success.

How to Improve Exhibiting Productivity & ROI by Applying the Exhibit Marketing Process

Thursday, March 16, 2023
2 - 3 p.m. EST

Because there are so many factors that go into executing an exhibit program, it is easy to get caught in the logistics trap where the majority of your pre-show time is spent on logistics and operations. What if there were a step-by-step, easy to follow process that can help you make sure that you are addressing the factors most important to your success?

Now there is! Please register for this complimentary webinar as North America’s leading exhibiting productivity expert Jefferson Davis reveals his Exhibit Marketing Process™. Based on 30+ years of exhibiting experience and over $800 million of combined results he’s helped clients generate, this proven-effective process will help you quickly assess how well you are strategically executing your exhibit program and identify specific areas you can focus on to make ATS 2023, and for that matter every show you do, more productive and profitable.

Replay: THRIVE LIVE! How to Safely & Successfully Re-Enter Live Exhibiting

With the pandemic shutting down live exhibitions for almost two years, your exhibiting strategies may be a little rusty and could use a tune-up. Now is the perfect time for ALL exhibitors to look back and re-imagine and improve exhibiting strategies with safety and improved productivity as top priorities.

In this strategic exhibitor educational session, exhibiting productivity expert, Jefferson Davis of Competitive Edge, will introduce you to his proven-effective Exhibit Marketing Process™ and identify specific areas to focus on. The ATS team will also provide event updates and information about health and safety initiatives.

Replay: Inside YOUR Exhibiting Numbers: Budgeting, Managing Costs, Measuring & Reporting Exhibiting Performance, Value & ROI

View-by date: 18 weeks prior

Replay: How to Make Your ATS Exhibit Stand Out from the Crowd

View-by date: 16 weeks prior

Replay: Meeting Attendees Learning & Shopping Needs Through In-Booth Demonstrations and Presentations

View-by date: 14 weeks prior

Replay: Increasing Brand Visibility & Driving Qualified Booth Traffic: How to Effectively Use Integrated Marketing to Brand and Attract Enough of the Right Attendees to Your ATS Exhibit

View-by date: 12 weeks prior

Replay: If Exhibiting ROI is the Name of the Game… Lead Management is the Playbook

View-by date: 8 weeks prior

Replay: Secrets of the Aisles: How to Prepare Your Booth Staff for Peak Performance

View-by date: 6 weeks prior

STEP 4: Read How-to Exhibiting Articles for More Ideas

Planning/Cost Control

Your Exhibit

Marketing Your Participation


Lead Management & Measurement

STEP 5: Ask the Tradeshow Expert

ATS made special arrangements with Jefferson Davis, America’s leading expert on trade show success. You can submit questions exhibiting productivity questions and Mr. Davis will respond within 24-48 hours. Submit your question now!