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The ATS International Conference is where science and health care intersect. It’s our aim to provide you with abundant opportunities to connect and engage with colleagues on the latest research and scientific breakthroughs, and best practices in patient care. We’re planning a number of special events and learning opportunities beyond the conference program, including:

  • Assembly Meetings & Receptions
  • ATS Research Program Benefit
  • Diversity Forum
  • Guru Bars
  • Industry Theaters
  • International Poster Sessions
  • Industry Sponsored Evening Symposia
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Plenary Session
  • President's Symposium
  • Respiratory Health Awards
  • Women's Forum

While the ATS International Conference does not have “social” events, it does offer a number of networking opportunities where attendees can discuss the science presented at the meeting or their own work. Many of these events require a separate ticket. Click on the title of each event to learn more.