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As the understanding of sleep disorders continues to evolve, so do the innovative sleep research presentations and discussions at the International Conference, which is why sleep professionals from all over the world choose to attend. Among the topics that will be covered during ATS 2024 are:

  • Sleep-Disordered Breathing and Cardiovascular and Metabolic Outcomes
  • Diagnosing Sleep Problems
  • Pathogenesis and the Upper Airway
  • Sleep-Disordered Breathing and Lung Disease and Critical Illnesses
  • Genetics and Epidemiology of Sleep-Disordered Breathing Problems
  • Clinical Trials in Sleep
  • Treatment Options for Sleep Problems

As a young specialty, sleep medicine is devising new therapies and testing them through clinical trials. It is also trying to link a patient’s particular pathophysiology to the best therapy for that patient. ATS 2020 attendees will learn about both trends in sleep medicine.

Join your sleep colleagues, and be the first to know.