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Fees & Categories

What do registration fees include?

2019 General Registration Fees On or Before March 13
March 14-May 16 ONSITE May 17-22
Full Member $800 $860 $985
Affiliate Member 940 975 1,010
In-Training Member 300 335 405
Senior/Emeritus Member 300 335 405
One Day Only 255 305 355
Non-Member $1,205 $1,255 $1,375
In-Training Non-Member 385 420 485
One Day Only 355 410 460
Those registering in these categories are NOT eligible to receive Continuing Medical Education Credits or apply for MOC points.
Spouse/Partner/Guest** $155 $155 $155
**Includes admission to the Opening Ceremony, Awards Session, Plenary Session, and Exhibit Hall only. If you do not want to attend these events, you do not need to pay this fee. Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the Exhibit Hall.
Research Administrator/Association Executive# $155 $155 $155
#May not register for postgraduate courses, seminars or workshops
Clinical Research Coordinator° $155 $155 $155
°Those registering in this category must provide institution's name, supervisor's name, and supervisor's email address.
Session and Event Fees Member In-Training Member Non-Member In-Training Non-Member
If you are not registering for the conference, but only for a Postgraduate Course, an additional $50 will be added to the fee below.
Friday, May 17
PG1A/PG1B** Critical Care Ultrasound and Echocardiography I and II $900 $675 $1200 $775
PG2 ECMO for Experienced Providers $475 $300 $550 $400
PG3 A Researchers' Guide to Integrating the Pulmonary 'Omicsverse $350 $200 $425 $300
PG4 Fundamentals of Writing Successful Mentored Grants (Fund Me) $400 $250 $475 $350
PG5 Thoracic Imaging for Pulmonary Medicine and Critical Care Practitioners $350 $200 $425 $300
PG6 Interstitial Lung Disease: Current Trends in Diagnosis and Management $350 $200 $425 $300
PG7 Advancing Care of Sickle Cell Lung Disease: A Practical Guide to Patient Management $350 $200 $425 $300
PG8 Proceedings from the World Symposium 2018: What Do We Need to Know Moving Forward? $350 $200 $425 $300
PG9 Functional Assessments in Lung Disease: Strength, Activity and Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing with Case Conference $350 $200 $425 $300
PG10 Respiratory Physiology Interactive $350 $200 $425 $300
PG11 Cardiometabolic Outcomes of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatment: From Evidence into Practice $350 $200 $425 $300
PG12 State of the Art: Lung Cancer 2019 $350 $200 $425 $300
Saturday, May 18
PG13 Bronch Day 2019: A Comprehensive, Hands-On Guide to Basic Bronchoscopy, EBUS, and Navigational Bronchoscopy $475 $300 $550 $400
PG14 Asthma State of the Art 2019 $350 $200 $425 $300
PG15 A Clinician's Guide to Lung Transplantation $350 $200 $425 $300
PG16 Interstitial Lung Disease: Delivering Optimal, Patient Centered Care $350 $200 $425 $300
PG17 A Physiologic Approach to Management of Shock $400 $250 $475 $350
PG18 Teaching and Researching in Resource Constrained Settings: A Guide to Global Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine $350 $200 $425 $300
PG19 Respiratory Physiology Over the Lifespan: When It's Right and When It's Not $350 $200 $425 $300
PG20 Optimizing Management of the Infant with Severe Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia $350 $200 $425 $300
PG21 Lung Innate Immunity: On the Frontlines of Host Defense $350 $200 $425 $300
PG22 All Things NTM: A Road Map to the Diagnosis and Management of Nontuberculosis Mycobacteria $350 $200 $425 $300
PG23 High-Content Single-Cell Techniques to Study Lung in Health and Disease $350 $200 $425 $300
PG24 Pulmonary Function Testing in the Real World: 2019 Updates on the Art and Science of PFT $350 $200 $425 $300
PG25 Ventilatory Complications of Heart Failure $350 $200 $425 $300
Assembly Dinner and Receptions
Sunday, May 19
Assembly on Pediatrics Founders Dinner $102 $82 $112 $82
Monday, May 20
Assembly on Sleep and Respiratory Neurobiology Reception $44 $24 $54 $44
Sunday, May 19-Tuesday, May 21
Fee per seminar $70 $70 $70 $70
Sunday, May 19-Tuesday, May 21
Fee per seminar $70 $70 $70 $70
Monday, May 20-Wednesday, May 22
Fee per seminar $50 $50 $50 $50
Sunday, May 19-Wednesday, May 22
Fee per seminar $75 $75 $75 $75
The following sessions require registration, but do not require an additional fee
• Faculty Development Seminars
• Networking Exchange for Early Career Professionals
• Diversity Forum
• Women's Forum

General Registration Fee

Registration fees vary according to your membership category and the date by which you register.

Full Conference Registrants:
The general registration fee, offered at a reduced rate to members and non-members who register on or before March 13, allows you to attend over 90 percent of the meeting events without additional fees or tickets. It also entitles you to attend open networking events and the Exhibit Hall. Non-member postdoctoral trainees and students from any discipline must provide information about their training program to obtain the much reduced student conference registration rates.

ATS members receive a discount on their conference registration. You must be a member before you register in order to receive the special member rate. To join, click here to complete a membership application. Your username and password will be emailed to you promptly, and you can then register for the conference at the discounted member rate. Full members receive a larger conference discount than affiliate members. Non-members do not receive a discount.

Registrants in this category must accompany a full conference registrant.  This category allows access to the Opening Ceremony, Awards Session, Plenary Session and Exhibit Hall only. Those registering in this category are not eligible to receive CME credit or MOC points or to attend postgraduate courses, seminars, or workshops.

Research Administrators/Association Executives:
This category is provided for those individuals (1) who attend for reasons other than obtaining professional accreditation hours, (2) who are not health care professionals working clinically in pulmonary, critical care, or sleep medicine, or (3) who are not actively engaged in the conduct of basic, translational, or clinical research. For instance, research administrators (non-scientists or clinicians), research coordinators, executive staff of related professional organizations, or other individuals with an organization but not a clinical or scientific interest in the ATS International Conference would register under this category. Registrants in this category may attend sessions that do not require additional registration, but may not register for postgraduate courses, seminars, or workshops. Registrants in this category are not eligible to receive CME credit or MOC points. If professional accreditation or other professional recognition is desired, then a member or non-member registration is required.

Clinical Research Coordinator:
This category is provided for clinical research coordinators who are not ATS members. Clinical research coordinators must provide information about their place of employment in order to register in this category. Registrants in this category may also register for postgraduate courses, workshops, and seminars. Registrants in this category are not eligible to receive CME credit or MOC points.

Members of the Press:
The ATS offers a press room at the International Conference. All members of the press must be approved by the ATS Communications Department to register. For more information about how to register, press conferences, and press releases on research to be presented at ATS 2019, please contact Dacia Morris at

For more information regarding categories, fees or to register for the ATS 2019 Conference click here.