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Pediatric Resident Development Scholarship (PRDS)

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The application portal for the 2019 ATS Pediatric Resident Development Scholarship is officially closed. Please contact Angela LaSorsa at if you have any questions.


The Pediatric Resident Development Scholarship (PRDS) program was created by the American Thoracic Society (ATS) to introduce pediatric residents to exciting clinical and research advances in respiratory diseases that affect infants, children, and adolescents by providing awardees an opportunity to attend the annual ATS International Conference. It is expected that this program will encourage participating residents to apply to pediatric pulmonary and sleep medicine fellowships, which will ultimately increase the clinical and research workforce in these fields.

Each PRDS awardees will receive a certificate of achievement, conference registration waiver, travel stipend in the amount of $1000, and one year’s trainee membership to the Society.  

An applicant for an ATS Pediatric Resident Development Scholarship MUST:

  • Be a pediatric resident in a US or Canadian Program, who has not been accepted into a pediatric pulmonary and/or sleep fellowship program
  • Declare a potential interest in pediatric pulmonary or sleep medicine
  • Attend the ATS International Conference to receive the award where the awardee will be identified with a ribbon recognizing the honor
  • Be willing to be followed for a minimum of five years to measure the effectiveness of the program.

Optional: Additional consideration will be given to applicants who are authors on abstracts accepted for presentation or are presenters at sessions programmed for the ATS International Conference.

Applicant must submit a completed Online Application Packet by the Friday, March 1, 2019.
Each applicant will be sent an e-mail confirmation of receipt of the application at the ATS office.

An Online Application Packet will consist of:

    • A application form which includes an indication of approval of the pediatric residency director for the resident to attend the ATS International Conference from at least Sunday, May 19 through Wednesday, May 22, 2019, in Dallas, TX.
    • A one-page maximum Letter from the pediatric resident applicant indicating why he or she is interested in:
      • Entering a career in pediatric pulmonary and/or sleep medicine
      • Attending the ATS International Conference
    • A one-page maximum letter of support from a sponsoring ATS member indicating whether he or she is willing to serve as a mentor and guide for the applicant at the International Conference. The sponsoring ATS member will be asked to identify another ATS member who can serve this function, should he or she cannot fulfill this responsibility.  If your sponsoring member is unable to identify a mentor guide, please contact us.

Questions? Please contact Angela LaSorsa at