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Press Registration

  • To register, journalists must submit media identification or a business card issued by a recognized news organization or publication.
  • Freelance journalists must present a letter of assignment on letterhead from a recognized news organization or publication, an online business card establishing themselves as recognized news writers, or proof of membership in the National Association of Science Writers, American Medical Writers Association, or equivalent international science or medical writing association.


Press Registration at the ATS International Conference is Extended to:

Working journalists on assignment, including writers of the general health and medical press, web-based media, and news staff from journals. Media representatives of industry may register. Registered press will have free access to the virtual press and industry press offices.


Press Registration at the ATS International Conference is NOT Extended to:

  • Non-news editorial staff of publications
  • Freelance writers not on assignment from a media outlet
  • Communications/public relations staff persons from (or representing) a for-profit company
  • Medical education communication companies (MECCs), or their affiliated organizations are welcome to attend the conference
  • Organizations that primarily produce audio/video continuing education resources.

For updates on the international conference programming, including scientific sessions, please visit the main conference site.