World Lung Health Awardees

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The World Lung Health Award recognizes contributions to improving world lung health in the area of translational or implementation research, delivery of healthcare, continuing education or care of patients with lung disease, or related political advocacy with a special emphasis on efforts that have the potential to eliminate gender, racial, ethnic, or economic health disparities worldwide.

2000 Frank E. Speizer, MD
2001 Margaret R. Becklake, MD
2002 C. Richard W. Beasley, MD
2003 Sreedhar Nair, MD
2004 Kalapalatha K. Guntupalli, MD
2005 A. Sonia Buist, MD
2006 Richard E. Chaisson, MD
2007 Philip C. Hopewell, MD
2008 Jean Bousquet, MD, PhD
2009 No award presented
2010 Richard J. O’Brien, MD
2011 Roberto Accinelli, MD
2012 Lee B. Reichman, MD, MPH
2013 E. Jane Carter, MD
2014 Heather Zar, MD, PhD
2015 Stephen B. Gordon, MD
2016 Charles L. Daley, MD
2017 Surendra Kumar Sharma, MBBS, MD, PhD
2018 Eric D. Bateman, MBChB, MD
2019 Peter Sly, MBBS, MD, ATSF
2020 Diane R. Gold, MD, MPH
2021 William Checkley, MD, PhD
2022 Laurence Huang, MD, ATSF
2023 Obianuju Beatrice Ozoh, MBBS, MSc, ATSF

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