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The Trudeau Medalist is an individual with major contributions to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of lung disease, critical illness, or sleep disorders through leadership in research, education, or clinical care . This award acknowledges exemplary professionalism, collegiality and citizenship in the ATS community. The Trudeau Medal is the highest honor bestowed by the ATS and is given in honor of Edward Livingston Trudeau, a founder and the first president of the American Lung Association.

1926 Theobald Smith, MD
1927 Edward R. Baldwin, MD
1928 Sir Robert Philip
1929 Eugene L. Opie, MD
1930 Henry Sewall, MD
1931 Allen K. Krause, MD
1932 Esmond R. Long, MD
1933 Lawrason Brown, MD
1934 William Snow Miller, MD
1935 Leroy U. Gardner, MD
1936 Edward W. Archibald, MD
1937 Charles J. Hatfield, MD
1938 Florence B. Seibert, PhD
1939 Gerald B. Webb, MD
1940 William Charles White, MD
1941 John Alexander, MD
1942 Emily P. Bissell
1943 David R. Lyman, MD
1944 James Alexander Miller, MD
1945 Florence R. Sabin, MD
1946 Max Pinner, MD
1947 Kendall Emerson, MD
1948 Rudolph J. Anderson, PhD
1949 Howard W. Bosworth, MD
1950 John B. Barnwell, MD
1951 Rene J. Dubos, PhD
1952 J. Burns Amberson, MD
1953 James J. Waring, MD
1954 Edgar M. Medlar, MD
1955 William H. Foldman, DVM
1956 Max B. Lurie, MD
1957 David T. Smith, MD
1958 H. Corwin Hinshaw, MD
1959 Edith M. Lincoln, MD
1960 Arnold R. Rich, MD
1961 Selman A. Waksman, PhD
1962 John D. Steele, MD
1963 Walsh McDermott, MD
1964 Carroll E. Palmer, MD
1965 William Steenken, DSc
1966 William B. Tucker, MD
1967 Leon H. Schmidt, PhD
1968 Dickinson W. Richards, MD
1969 Katharine R. Boucot Sturgis, MD
1970 Richard L. Riley, MD
1971 André F. Cournand, MD
1972 Shirley Ferebee Woolpert
1973 Julia M. Jones, MD
1974 Julius H. Comroe, Jr., MD
1975 Ronald V. Christie, MD
1976 H. Stuart Willis, MD
1977 Alvan L. Barach, MD
1978 Theodore L. Badger, MD
1979 Oscar Auerbach, MD
1980 Roger S. Mitchell, MD
1981 Edward A. Gaensler, MD
1982 John A. Clements, MD
1983 Gladys L. Hobby, PhD
1984 Mary Ellen Avery, MD
1985 Hermann Rahn, PhD
1986 Emanuel Wolinsky, MD
1987 George Willis Comstock, MD
1988 William W. Stead, MD
1989 Arthur B. DuBois, MD
1990 Jeremiah Mead, MD
1991 Lynne McArthur Reid, MD
1992 Solbert Permutt, MD
1993 David V. Bates, MD
1994 John F. Murray, MD
1995 Robert F. Grover. MD, PhD
1996 Roland H. Ingram, Jr., MD
1997 Jay A. Nadel, MD
1998 Reuben M. Cherniack, MD
1999 Peter T. Macklem, MD
2000 Joseph H. Bates, MD
2001 Alfred P. Fishman, MD
2002 John B. West, MD
2003 Gerard M. Turino, MD
2004 Philip C. Hopewell, MD
2005 Michael D. Iseman, MD
2006 Joseph Milic-Emili, MD
2007 Talmadge E. King, Jr., MD
2008 Marvin I. Schwarz, MD
2009 Leonard D. Hudson, MD
2010 A. Sonia Buist, MD
2011 Steven A. Sahn, MD
2012 David M. Center, MD
2013 Jonathan M. Samet, MD, MS
2014 Michael Matthay, MD
2015 Dirkje S. Postma, MD, PhD
2016 Joe G.N. Garcia, MD
2017 Sharon I.S. Rounds, MD
2018 Jeffrey A. Whitsett, MD
2019 Jacob I. Sznajder, MD
2020 Peter J. Barnes, MD, DSc, ATSF
2021 Polly E. Parsons, MD, ATSF
2022 Courtney Broaddus, MD
2023 J. Randall Curtis, MD, MPH

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