Outstanding Clinician Award

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The Outstanding Clinician Award is presented to an individual who has made substantial contributions in the clinical care of patients with lung disease on a local or national level. The awardee is a pulmonary, critical care or sleep clinician who spends 75 percent of more of his/her time providing direct patient care, and is recognized as a caring and dedicated healthcare provider.

2003 Paul A. Selecky, MD
2004 Anthony M. Marinelli, MD
2005 Eloise M. Harman, MD
2006 Christine S. Fukui, MD
2007 Louis S. Libby, MD
2008 Jeffrey S. Wagener, MD
2009 Walter E. Donat, MD
2010 Richard A. Helmers, MD
2011 Michelle Sue Harkins, MD, FCCP
2012 Eric S. Yaeger, MD
2013 Allen R. Thomas, MD
2014 Fredric N. Jackson, MD
2015 Joseph P. Lamberti, MD
2016 Jay M. Shames, MD
2017 Jack Hasson, MD
2018 William W. Walker, MD
2019 Octavius D. Polk Jr., MD
2020 Richard H. Simon, MD
2021 Samuel Louie, MD