Elizabeth A. Rich Awardees

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Since 2000, the Membership Committee has presented the Elizabeth A. Rich Award on behalf of Elizabeth A. Rich, MD, a respected ATS member, a mentor, and peer who died tragically at the age of 46 years old. The award recognizes Elizabeth’s dedication and contributions to the field of lung disease research and her position as a female role model and mentor.

2000 Jeanine Wiener-Kronish, MD
2001 Molly L. Osborne, MD, PhD
2002 Deborah Shure, MD
2003 Claire M. Doerschuk, MD
2004 Lynn M. Schnapp, MD
2005 Sally E. Wenzel, MD
2006 Polly A. Parsons, MD
2007 Deborah Cook, MD
2008 Pamela Davis, MD, PhD
2009 Patricia W. Finn, MD
2010 Sharon I.S. Rounds, MD
2011 Serpil Erzurum, MD
2012 Pamela Zeitlin, MD, PhD
2013 Suzanne Lareau, RN, MS, FAAN
2014 Usha Raj, MD
2015 Cynthia Rand, PhD
2016 Irina Petrache, MD
2017 Zea Borok, MD
2018 V. Courtney Broaddus, MD
2019 Monica Kraft, MD
2020 Eileen Collins, PhD, RN, ATSF
2021 Bethany Moore, PhD
2022 Patricia Sime, MD
2023 Lorraine Ware, MD