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The President’s Lecture was established to provide a unique perspective on medicine and science from the vantage point of distinguished scientists, physicians, and academicians. As their messages would not usually be heard in the scientific sessions of the International Conference, this special forum has been provided for the benefit of ATS members worldwide.

1987 E. Raymond Andrew, PhD “Magnetic Resonance Imaging”
1988 George R. Martin, PhD “The Biology of Basement Membrane”
1989 Kary B. Mullis, PhD “The Polymerase Chain Reaction”
1990 Lap-Chee Tsui, PhD
Francis S. Collins, MD, PhD
“Molecular Genetics of Cystic Fibrosis”
1991 W. French Anderson, MD “Human Gene Therapy”
1992 Ronald G. Crystal, MD “The Cure of Lung Disease: Applications of Modern Biology to Today’s Patients”
1993 Philippa Marrack, PhD “T Cell Development and Specificity”
1994 Roger Y. Tsien, PhD “Understanding and Manipulating Intracellular Signal Transduction via Molecular Engineering”
1995 Harry R. Kimball, MD “Thoughts About the Role and Training of the Future Pulmonary Subspecialist”
1996 Bernard Lo, MD “Responding to Ethical Dilemmas in Managed Care”
1997 Jerome P. Kassirer, MD “Emerging Patterns of Medical Practice”
1998 Harold Varmus, MD “New Directions at the NIH”
1999 David Satcher, MD, PhD “Public Health Issues Facing the United States, and Insights on Global Health Challenges”
2000 Richard D. Lamm, MPP “Health Care for the 21st Century: Balancing Expectations and Costs”
2001 Peter H. Hackett, MD “Life in the Death Zone: To the Summit of Everest”
2002 E. Greg Koski, PhD, MD “Human Research and Subject Protection: Getting to the Heart of It”
2003 Leroy Hood, MD, PhD “The New Systems Biology–Implications for Clinical Medicine”
2004 Claude Lenfant, MD “From Research to Health: Will Tomorrow Be Like Today?”
2005 Elizabeth G. Nabel, MD “Opportunities and Challenges in Biomedical Research: A Vision for the NHLBI”
2006 Stanton Glantz, PhD “Dispatches From the Tobacco War”
2007 Jerome Groopman, MD “How Doctors Think”
2008 Grace Anne Dorney Koppel, JD No Title
2009 Jeffrey M. Drazen, MD “In a Sea of Information, What Can You Trust?”
2010 Peter J. Pronovost, MD, PhD “Improving Patient Safety”
2011 Steven Weinberger, MD “Challenges for the Subspecialist in the Era of Health Care Reform”
2012 Michael Rosenblatt, MD “How Academia And Industry Can Work Together”