ATS 2023 Information Required to Complete a Proposal

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Below is the required information for completing a proposal for the ATS 2023 International Conference. Some items link to documents that provide detailed information.

  1. Session Types
  2. Answer the Question: Would your symposium be suitable for virtual educational programming?
  3. Session Title
  4. Basic Science Core Track
    • Indicate if the proposal covers the basic science core topic
    • For Scientific Symposia only
  5. Sponsoring Assemblies
    • Primary
  6. Co-Sponsoring Assemblies or Committees
  7. Session Focus: Basic, Behavioral, Clinical, Translational
    • Not needed for Meet the Expert sessions
  8. Session Categorization
  9. Target Audience
  10. Answer the Question: Should attendees have specific expertise to benefit from this session?
  11. Answer the Question: Is this session of interest to fellows or junior professionals?
  12. Session Tagging for audience type and topic
  13. Session Summary (100 words or fewer)
  14. Special Set-Ups (Postgraduate Courses only)
  15. Maintenance of Certification (MOC)
    • Indicate if the course or symposium should be included in the MOC Module
    • For Postgraduate Courses and Scientific Symposia only
  16. Preliminary Disclosure information for the Proposer
  17. Preliminary Disclosure information for the Proposed Faculty
  18. Statement of Clinical/Scientific Importance (250 words or fewer)
    • Educational need for the session
    • Identify the learning gap and how the session will fill that gap
  19. Resources to show evidence of need (2-3 citations)
  20. Sources used to assess the need (minimum of 2 required)
  21. Learning Objectives (up to 3)
    • Indicate change affected by each objective
  22. Proposed Session Chairs
    • Full Name
    • Degrees
    • Institution
    • City, state, country
    • Telephone number
    • Email address
    • Gender
    • Ethnicity
  23. Proposed Talks and Speakers
    • Full Name
    • Degrees
    • Institution
    • City, state, country
    • Telephone number
    • Email address
    • Gender
    • Ethnicity
    • Talk Title
    • Talk description (25 words or fewer)
    • Duration of talk in minutes
  24. Agree to the ATS Privacy Policy and confirm that you have received permission to provide personal information for the proposed chairs and speakers.
  25. Agree to the statement that the proposal is complete and that the content proposed for this session will help narrow a Learning or Professional Practice Gap.