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2017 Maintenance of Certification

New Podcast: Despite Changes, ATS 2017 to Remain Rich Source of MOC Points


Chairs of the ATS Education and International Conference committees discuss changes the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Pediatrics have made to Maintenance of Certification requirements. They focused on how the ATS has responded so that attendees of its International Conference can earn at least as many MOC points during the conference as they have in the past.

Check back for information about Maintenance of Certification and links to pre-tests.

How to Earn MOC at ATS 2017

  • Before ATS 2017: Take the pre-test for each core curriculum session and MOC eligible symposium you want to attend.
  • During ATS 2017: Attend any and all of the MOC symposia
  • After ATS 2017: Take the post-session test. All the tests will be available at the end of the Conference. Please note: audience response during a session does not count at the post-test. Click here to take the post-test.
Session ID Title MOC Pillar of Focus
A4 Determinants Of Long-Term Outcomes Among Critically Ill Older Adults: From Cell To Population 2 ABIM Critical Care
B84 Chronic, Persistent, Prolonged, And Just Plain Stuck: Insights In Chronic Critical Illness 2 ABIM Critical Care
C4 A Stitch In Time: Controversies In Critical Care Best Practices And Their Effect On Patient Centered Outcomes 2 ABIM Critical Care
CC1 Critical Care Core Curriculum:
Acute Liver Failure, Acute Pancreatitis,  Hematology/Oncology
1.5 ABIM Critical Care
CC3 Critical Care Core Curriculum:
Oxygenation, Right Heart Failure, Volume Responsiveness, Early Goal Therapy
2 ABIM Critical Care
A88 Sex, Sugar, Salt And Stress: Neurohormonal Signaling As A Novel Therapeutic Target In Right Ventricular Failure 2 ABIM Critical Care
B4 Humanizing The Intensive Care Unit: New Perspectives On An Old Problem 2 ABIM Critical Care
D4 Balancing Personalization And Protocol In The ICU 2 ABIM Critical Care
A11 Lung Cancer Screening And Tobacco Cessation: The Teachable Moment? 2 ABIM Pulmonary
B1 Clinical Year In Review 2
• Asthma
• Pulmonary Vascular Disease
2 ABIM Pulmonary
C1 Clinical Year In Review 3
• Tb/Ntm
• Microbiome
• Non-CF Bronchiectasis
• Lung Transplantation
2 ABIM Pulmonary
CC2 Pulmonary Core Curriculum:
Venothromboembolic Disease, Pleural Disease, Smoking Cessation
1.5 ABIM Pulmonary
CC5 Pulmonary Core Curriculum:
Lung Cancer
2 ABIM Pulmonary
D1 Clinical Year In Review 4
• Thoracic Oncology
• Thoracic Imaging
• Health Disparities
• Palliative Care
2 ABIM Pulmonary
D3 Diagnostic Dilemmas In Hypersensitivity Pneumonia And The Clinical-Radiologic-Pathologic Multidisciplinary Standard 2 ABIM Pulmonary
D82 Putting The 2017 Gold COPD Recommendations Into Clinical Practice 2 ABIM Pulmonary
B2 The Long-Term Oxygen Treatment Trial (Lott):Implications For COPD Patient Care 2 ABIM Pulmonary
A86 The Sleep State Of The Union: Taking OSA Management To Washington 2 ABIM Sleep
C10 Positive Pressure + Negative Adherence = High Priority Future Research Need 2 ABIM Sleep
CC4 Sleep Core Curriculum:
Insomnia, Psychiatric Diseases
1.5 ABIM Sleep
CC6 Sleep Core Curriculum:
2 ABIM Sleep
D6 Sleep And Health: A Public Health Call To Action 2 ABIM Sleep
• New Tools For Acute Respiratory Failure
• General Critical Care
• Neuro Critical Care
• Sleep Disordered Breathing

Obesity And Lung Disease

2 ABIM Sleep
B6 Mechanical Ventilation In The NICU, PICU And At Home: What The Pediatric Pulmonologist Should Know 2 ABP Pediatric
B81 Pediatric Year In Review 2 ABP Pediatric
C83 Pediatric Chest Rounds 2ABP Pediatric
PCC1 Severe Asthma 1 ABP Pediatric
PCC2 Interstitial Lung Disease 1 ABP Pediatric
PCC3 Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia 1 ABP Pediatric
PCC4 Pulmonary Hypertension and Rheumatologic Diseases 1 ABP Pediatric

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