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Mary B. Rice, MD, MPH

Dr. Mary Rice is an assistant professor of medicine and pulmonary and critical care physician at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston.  She received her undergraduate degree in environmental science and public policy from Harvard in 1999.  After spending 2 years as a business consultant in New York City, she switched her career to medicine and attended Harvard Medical School followed by residency and fellowship at the Harvard combined program.

Dr. Rice’s research is focused on identifying environmental exposures that impair respiratory health.  Her work has demonstrated adverse effects of ambient pollution on the respiratory health trajectories of children and adults.  In 2020, Dr. Rice received the Outstanding New Environmental Scientist R01 award from NIEHS.  She is a co-investigator of the new ALA Lung Health Cohort focused on environmental determinants of lung health.

Since 2018, Dr. Rice has chaired the ATS Environmental Health Policy Committee, through which she has advocated passionately for clean air and climate policies to protect the respiratory health of children and adults.