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American Thoracic Society- ATS 2021

< b>Center for Career Development


Event Name: Pursuing an Academic Career as an Inte rnational Medical Graduate (IMG)
Date: Live\, 4:30 –\; 6:30 p.m. E DT\, Tuesday\, May 18\, 2021

Register for ATS 2021 and join us for these programs at the C enter for Career Development.


Speaker s:

  • Juan Celedon\, MD\, DrPH\, ATSF
  • Rolando Sanch ez\, MD
  • Udit Chaddha\, MBBS
  • Pratibha Kaul\, MD
  • Sheetal Gandotra\, MD
  • Alice Gallo de Moraes\, MD\, FACP
  • Puneet Garc ha\, MD
  • Jennifer McCallister\, MD\, ATSF

Session Chairs

  • Viren Kaul\, MD
  • Nandita Nadig\, MSci\, ATSF