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The ATS is accepting the submission of scientific abstracts and case reports on all aspects of respiratory disease, critical care, and sleep medicine. Abstracts can report on basic, translational, and clinical science research; epidemiologic, social, biobehavioral, and psychosocial investigations; or educational and quality improvement projects.

Scientific Abstracts

Research on respiratory disease, critical care and sleep medicine, including quality improvement projects.

Please Note: All scientific abstracts with no scientific data and/or only a promise of future data will not be accepted.

Case Reports

Interesting and unique reports describing a single case report or a series of associated cases.

Steps for Selecting Category and Review Assembly

Those submitting abstracts and case reports will be asked to define the following:

Type → Classification → Discipline → SubclassificationReview Assembly

Please note that these steps allow the International Conference Committee to align abstract topics with clinical and scientific interests, create more thematically-related abstract sessions, and reduce redundancies.

Below are helpful documents to assist you with abstract submission:

  • Abstracts must meet the above criteria to be considered for presentation at the conference.
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  • ATS Membership is not a prerequisite for participating in the program. 
  • The ATS International Conference Committee will plan the sessions based on accepted abstracts and case reports. Abstracts are accepted based on submission criteria and relative merit.
  • For questions on submitting scientific abstracts and case reports, please contact the American Thoracic Society at

5 p.m. ET, Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2023

PLEASE NOTE: You must sign in with your ATS member ID. If you do not have a username and password you will need to create one and complete your profile, including your full address.

If you would like to apply for or renew membership, please do so before your submission. The submission fee will be based on your membership status and full address.


  • Can a non-author complete the submission on behalf of the authors and be the main contact?
    • No. The submitter is automatically the first author. The submitter/first author cannot be changed once an abstract is in-progress nor after it is submitted.
  • How many abstracts can I submit?
    • There’s no limit in the number of abstracts submitted by the same person.
  • How many co-authors can be included in an abstract?
    • There’s no limit regarding number of co-authors.  All authors listed must be aware that their names appear on the abstract and have knowledge of the abstract submission.
  • Are previously published and/or presented abstracts allowed?
    • No. Abstract submission criteria #4 states that abstracts must contain: the results of the study including new data not previously published or presented at a major national or international meeting.
  • Where can I add references?
    • References are optional. If you wish to include references, you may add them to the abstract body. Note: this would count towards the 400-word count limit.
  • Help! I forgot to add a co-author to my submission. Can I add a co-author after submission is finalized?
    • Once an abstract or case report is submitted, you are not able to make edits. Please contact for help adding a co-author to a submission. Note: the first author/submitter may not change


  • When will I know when my Scientific Abstract or Case Report will be presented?
    • Email notifications will be sent to submitters in Mid-January. At that time, submitters will be notified of their presentation date and time.
  • Can I change my scheduled presentation date or time?
    • No. Changes cannot be made to the schedule.
  • If accepted, can a co-author present in place of the first author/submitter?
    • Yes. A co-author may present in place of the first author/submitter. It is the responsibility of the first author/submitter to share details about their submission with the person presenting on their behalf. The person who presents the abstract will need to register for ATS 2024


  • Will accepted Scientific Abstracts and Case Reports be published?
    • Yes. Accepted Scientific Abstracts and Case Reports are published in the Online Abstract Issue of the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine (AJRCCM), available online at in May 2024.
    • Accepted abstracts will also be available in the Online Program Itinerary and Mobile App as follows:
      • Online Program Itinerary in April 2024*
      • Mobile App – May 2024*
  • Who has the copyright of an abstract presented at the conference?
    • Authors retain copyright of their abstracts submitted/presented at the conference.

* subject to change

Submission Deadline:
5 p.m. ET, Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2023