Call for Scientific Abstracts and Case Reports

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The ATS is accepting the submission of scientific and case report abstracts on all aspects of respiratory disease, critical care, and sleep medicine. Abstracts can report on basic, translational, and clinical science research; epidemiologic, social, biobehavioral, and psychosocial investigations; or educational and quality improvement projects.

Scientific Abstracts

Research on respiratory disease, critical care and sleep medicine, including quality improvement projects.

Please Note: All scientific abstracts with no scientific data and/or only a promise of future data will not be accepted.

Case Reports

Interesting and unique reports describing a single case report or a series of associated cases.

Submission Deadline:
5 p.m. ET, Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2022

Steps for Selecting Category and Review Assembly

Those submitting abstracts and case reports will be asked to define the following:

Type → Classification → Discipline → SubclassificationReview Assembly

Please note that these steps allow the International Conference Committee to align abstract topics with clinical and scientific interests, create more thematically-related abstract sessions, and reduce redundancies.

Below are helpful documents to assist you with abstract submission:

  • Abstracts must meet the above criteria to be considered for presentation at the conference.
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  • ATS Membership is not a prerequisite for participating in the program. 
  • The ATS International Conference Committee will plan the sessions based on accepted abstracts and case reports. Abstracts are accepted based on submission criteria and relative merit.
  • For questions on submitting scientific abstracts and case reports, please contact the American Thoracic Society at

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 5 p.m. ET, Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2022

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