ATS 2023 Session Proposers

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    • If your proposal is accepted for the program, you must be prepared to organize and chair the session or work closely with the chair and speakers to organize and present the program. The proposals are not for the suggestion of topics.
    • The proposals must include a complete agenda, clearly defined target audience, summary, objectives, comprehensive needs assessment, proposed speakers and preliminary disclosure information. Please see the Required Information Document for more details.
    • When deciding on a Session Title, please be descriptive and limit the title to 12 words or fewer. Avoid continuing the title with a colon and additional description unless necessary.
    • Talk descriptions must be submitted for each topic.
    • If you submit an incomplete agenda, your proposal will be disqualified.

    • As a proposer, you are required to review the ATS Privacy Policy and agree to allow the collection and use of your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy.  You are further required to confirm that you have received permission from the proposed chairs and speakers to provide their personal information.
    • A proposed speaker is required for each topic provided in the proposal. It is not acceptable to say “speaker to be announced” or to include the name of a single speaker multiple times.

    • Session chairs will be required to review the official disclosures made by their session speakers and, if needed, resolve any COI issues as per the ATS COI Policy for Official ATS Activities.
    • Session chairs will also be required to confirm that their session speakers made disclosures at the session via a disclosure slide and resolve any COI issues that may arise during the session.

    • The ATS reserves the right to seek corporate support in the form of independent, medical, educational grants for all programs accepted for presentation at the International Conference. Support is sought after sessions are approved and final programs are submitted. The grant relationship is between the American Thoracic Society and the supporting companies. Supporters have no input into the content of the program. The grants will not affect the disclosures of the faculty relationships with commercial interests.