ATS 2023 Needs Assessment

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Proposers are asked to substantiate in detail why the learner needs the content outlined in the proposal. Simply restating the Session Summary in this section is not acceptable.

Please follow the instructions provided on the proposal form when filling out this section. A Needs Assessment documents how you identified the educational need for this session, defines the professional practice gaps of your learners and explains how the content of your session will bring about a change in knowledge, competence or performance. The following questions should be addressed in the needs assessment:

  1. why is the education needed? For example, is there a problem that needs to be addressed? Is there new information available?
  2. how is the content of your session designed to bring about an improvement in knowledge, competence, performance, or patient outcomes?

Those improvements should be reflected in your session Learning Objectives, and addressed by the Session Topics. All the information you provide (target audience, content and learning objectives) should hold together logically and be supported by the references you provide.

Please click here for more on this initiative or contact the Senior Director, Education Products and Programs: The Education Division will review all proposals for completeness and may contact you for additional information related to the needs assessment.