Creating Media Buzz at ATS 2022

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Engage the Media in Advance

Request the registered media outlet list (beginning April 18, 2022) from Dacia Morris, director, Communications and Marketing, by sending an email to Share relevant releases with reporters in advance, since they begin searching for story ideas two-three weeks before the event. Maximize your chance of being noticed by creating strong messages and effective press materials.

Target Your Local Press

Engage your local media. Talk about your role in driving pulmonary, critical care or sleep innovation in your area. Make sure to send a press advisory to your local newspaper and business media who may want to cover remotely. Offer to pen op-eds previewing your press announcements.

Think Globally

Provide international or regional story angles that help tell your story.  If you head an international delegation, host a special event and invite media to meet your dignitary, public official or ambassador.

Create Word of Mouth Buzz 

Make sure your organization’s attendees are aware of the press release, and have copies of the advisory. Arm everyone with an elevator pitch and key messages for their networking.

Preview Your Press Release

Place an op-ed with a target media outlet to run the morning of the press release.

Help Reporters Cover the Event

Talk to reporters about covering your press release, interviewing experts and getting early copies of press materials.

Draw Media Attention to Your Exhibit

Make the most of your exhibit by inviting media for exclusive access to senior leadership or special events.  Create demonstrations of your company’s innovations or models that help to explain and simplify the science.

Use the Web

Post your press materials on your organization’s website and distribute through a distribution service such as Business Wire. Engage with the ATS via Twitter #ATS2022. Maximize online media opportunities as many print outlets are now posting their stories online first.  Leverage media tools like podcasts, vlogs, and blogs to extend your reach.

Promote Your Efforts 

Mention the ATS 2022 International Conference in your company’s communications efforts.  Also, list your booth number on press materials so media can locate your virtual exhibit.  Provide ample contact information and check your messages frequently leading up to and during the event.