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  The Science and Innovations Center (SIC) is a forum for all scientists, without regard to research topic or training, and researchers to meet, network, learn, and relax and recharge. The SIC offers innovative and basic science presentations that highlight exciting new topics and techniques. The Science & Innovation Center is organized by representatives of Assemblies on: Allergy, Immunology and Inflammation (AII), Pulmonary Infections and Tuberculosis, (PI-TB), Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology (RCMB), and Respiratory Structure and Function (RSF).

Recordings from all Science and Innovation Center sessions will be available this summer on the SIC webpage.

Available On-Demand This Summer

Lung Epithelial Damage and Repair; From Lung Cell Death to Epithelial Repair

Epithelial cells play a key role in obstructive lung diseases like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Upon chronic exposure to toxicants, epithelial cells become damaged, triggering an epithelium induced-immune response. Understanding the mechanisms of epithelial injury and repair is important for the development of novel therapies for pulmonary diseases. Within this session an overview will be provided on cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in epithelial damage, the consequences for the development of obstructive pulmonary diseases and potential novel therapeutic strategies. After the session, participants will understand the complex role of epithelial cells in obstructive lung diseases and how epithelial cells can be targeted to induce lung tissue regeneration.


  • Jin-Ah Park
  • Moumita Ghosh


  • Simon Pouwels
  • Suzanne M. Cloonan
  • Timothy N. Perkins, PhD

Microbiome and Medicine: New Multidisciplinary Approaches to Complicated Infections in Cystic Fibrosis, Obstructive Lung Disease, and Critical Illness

This session will provide an overview of emerging techniques to study the microbiome and applications to treat polymicrobial infections and disrupted host biomes in acute and chronic lung diseases.


  • Benjamin T. Kopp, MD, MPH, ATSF


  • Lindsay Caverly
  • Yvonne Huang
  • Bob Dickson

Enhancing Academic Partnerships With Industry: Collaborations, Careers, and Innovation

During the session, ATS members with various careers in or collaborations with Industry will be invited to share their experience, and will highlight the variety of opportunities and timing of such collaborations or transitions in their careers.


  • Joseph Arron MD, PhD
  • Sumita B. Khatri, MD, MS


  • Benjamin T. Suratt, MD
  • Joseph Arron MD, PhD
  • Anne Kasmar, MD MSc
  • Hector Ortega, MD, ScD

Innovations in Airway Stem Cell Usage for Studying Chronic Lung Diseases

This session will discuss new advances in airway stem cells models and how these can be applied for studying chronic lung diseases and therapeutic development.


  • Benjamin T. Kopp, MD, MPH, ATSF


  • Finn Hawkins

Science and Innovation Center Awards Ceremony

Winners of the 2021 Rising Stars of Research Program and 2021 Assembly Abstract Awardees from All, PI-TB, RCMB, and RSF Assemblies will be announced. The Rising Star awardees will present their work and Abstract awardees will be introduced and recognized. Please stay after the Awards Ceremony and attend the reception to congratulate the recipients.

Abstract Awardees:

  • Anukul Shenoy, PhD, MS, BS
  • Ana Hernandez Cordero, PhD
  • Brandon Lewis, PhD
  • Hua Shen, PhD

Rising Stars:

  • Rod Rahimi, MD, PhD
  • William Bain, MD
  • Priya Shete, MD, MPH
  • Georgios Kitsios, MD, PhD
  • Mareike Lehmann, PhD
  • Kara Mould, MD. MPH
  • Dong Keon Yon, MD

Science and Innovation Center PhD, Basic and Translational Scientists Reception

Enjoy social networking and the opportunity to discuss topics related to scientific and career development.

After a brief discussion in the main room, attendees will have the ability to move around to five breakout rooms. The rooms and topics are:

  • Breakout room 1 - New Collaborators: Finding collaborators at ATS
  • Breakout room 2 - Career Development: Understanding how the ATS can help you
  • Breakout room 3 - ATS Proposals: Proposal submission for ATS projects and international conference sessions
  • Breakout room 4 - Post-COVID Lessons: Lessons from dealing with COVID

Sex Matters During Post-Infection Lung Injury, Repair and Regeneration

This session will provide the learner with a comprehensive overview of mechanisms that involve regeneration and repair processes in the respiratory system during and after infection/injury in the context of sex. The focus of this symposium will be to link the fields of infectious diseases, structural cell biology, and immunology in order to enhance our critical understanding of the influence of sex on these mechanisms. Individual speakers will review the concept of lung regeneration/repair in the context of sex and how cells of the structural and immune networks pertain to this process. It is anticipated that the symposium will be of broad interest to the ATS scientific community.


  • Stacey Schultz-Cherry
  • Anne Manicone
  • Dawn Newcomb

Sustaining a Research Career in the Peri-Pandemic Era: Funding, Networking, and Guidance for the Early Career Professional


  • Sana Siddiqui
  • Lucas Donovan, MD, MS
  • Rachel Kohn, MD, MSCE


  • Roya Kalantari
  • Vaishnavi Kunde
  • Susan Bartlett
  • Dean Sheppard
  • Brian Rowe

Quantitative Physiology: Modern Imaging Tools for Tackling Timeless Questions

Quantitative methods using imaging to gain insight into pulmonary physiology are increasingly becoming available to clinicians and researchers. In this symposium, we review a range of novel imaging methods that enhance our understanding of pulmonary physiology in health and disease, including quantification of ventilation, detailed perfusion and cardiopulmonary blood flow. Attendees will learn about the latest clinically available techniques as well as emerging methods that show promise.


  • Kim Prisk
  • Puja Kohli
  • Farbod Rahaghi


  • Tilo Winkler
  • Eric Hoffman
  • Michal Schafer