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What Do Registration Fees Include?

While the ATS International Conference does not host official “social” events, it does offer a number of networking opportunities where attendees can discuss the science presented at the conference or their own work.  Registration Fees cover the cost of all items at the International Conference listed under the GENERAL REGISTRATION FEE below, and generates revenue to support other educational activities, year-round.  The ATS, through other revenue sources like member dues and advertising, cover the cost of any ancillary food/beverage costs at the International Conference. These costs are not included as part of the registration fee.


  • The right to attend the following:
    • Clinical Topics in Pulmonary Medicine Sessions
    • Critical Care Track Sessions
    • Basic Science Core Sessions
    • Year in Review Sessions
    • Scientific Symposia
    • Mini Symposia
    • Poster Discussion Sessions
    • RAPiD: Rapid Abstract Poster Discussion Sessions
    • Thematic Poster Sessions
    • Opening Ceremony
    • Respiratory Health Awards Session
    • Plenary Session
    • Recognition for Scientific Accomplishments Awards Session
    • Adult and Pediatric Core Curriculum Sessions
    • Assembly and Section Membership Meetings
    • Outside Organization Sessions
    • Exhibit Hall
  • Access to the Conference Mobile App
  • Virtual Final Program
  • Registration Badge
  • Shuttle Bus Service (if applicable)
  • Networking Centers
  • Relax and Recharge Areas

For select events, meals are included. Participation in these sessions requires a separate ticket and additional fee, which is not included in the general conference registration fee. 


  • Postgraduate Courses
  • Sunrise Seminars
  • Meet the Professor Seminars
  • Medical Education Seminars
  • Workshops