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International Attendees

Approximately 40 percent of conference attendees come from outside the United States to network and engage with colleagues on the latest advances in respiratory, critical care, and sleep medicine. If you are planning to join us for ATS 2020, we would like to share some tips to help you more easily navigate the visa process.

As there are now extra steps in the U.S. visa waiver system, we recommend that you visit the U.S. State Department website to learn about the new process and the visa waiver program. Also, be sure to check with the U.S. Embassy in your home country to determine whether there are additional steps in the process for your specific country, as well as any changes in the length of the visa process.

If you are facing challenges in securing your visa, please contact one of the following individuals who will be happy to assist you:

Douglas K. daCosta
ESS, International

Cristina Braz
Interim Senior Director, Global Health

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Many companies may claim to be associated with ATS and the International Conference. However, only CDS (for registration) and Experient (for housing) are officially authorized ATS agents. DO NOT REGISTER FOR THE CONFERENCE OR BOOK YOUR HOTEL ROOMS WITH OTHER OPERATORS. ATS does not accept responsibility for any losses that result from registering or booking hotel rooms via unofficial vendors or websites.