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Slide Guidelines


Acceptable electronic formats:

      • PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx)
      • Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)


      • Widescreen (16:9) format

Guidelines for presenters using:

Microsoft Windows

      • Office PowerPoint 2010
      • Office PowerPoint 2013

Apple Macintosh OSX

      • Apple Keynote 6.5

Preparing the Slides

Avoid Overcrowding:

      • Use no more than 7 words in width and 7 lines in height
      • Use key words instead of whole sentences
      • Limit information to a single point
      • Use simple graphs with a limited number of captions

Text Font:

      • Choose a font that is easy to read
      • Do not use italics
      • Do not use script type
      • Do not use decorative type
      • Do not use ALL CAPS


      • Limit bar graphs to 7 bars
      • Limit pie graphs to 7 wedges and place labels outside the pie
      • Limit line graphs to 2-3 lines and use simple scales

Text Color:

      • Use a light text on a dark background
      • Avoid using too many colors
      • Avoid using colors that clash

Slide Content:

      • Do not use industry logos or brand names

Uploading Your Slides

Speakers should upload their slides prior to the Conference

      • Go to https://cms.psav.com/ats2017
      • Log in using username and password provided by PSAV
      • Pre-Conference upload will be available through May 10, 2017.
      • Review slides in the Speaker Ready Room at least 2 hours prior to session.
      • Speaker Ready Room is located in the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Room 156 (Middle Building, Street Level)