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Why should you attend ATS 2017?

If you are a respiratory medicine practitioner, scientist, clinical researcher, or related health care professional, the ATS International Conference is a can’t-miss event! Here’s why:

History, Size, and Scope

History, Size, and Scope. ATS 2017 will mark the 113th year of the conference, making it the longest running, large-scale conference in the world offering groundbreaking research in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine.  This year, we’re bringing the conference back to where it began in 1905 — Washington, DC!

Networking and Engagement. Networking opportunities are a vital component of your conference experience, and can help lay the groundwork for future professional collaborations and opportunities. Last year, more than 16,000 attendees joined us for the ATS International Conference. Clinicians, researchers, and related health care professionals from more than 90 countries will come together for ATS 2017 to connect face to face with world-renowned leaders and colleagues across disciplines on the latest scientific research and findings in medical science and thoracic medicine.

Networking and Engagement
Access to Cutting-Edge Science and Research

Access to Cutting-Edge Science and Research. Through approximately 6,700 abstracts and case reports, and 500 sessions, more than 800 presenters will share with you the very latest research and scientific findings. You’ll hear from world-renowned clinicians and scientists who will reflect on milestones in the pulmonary, critical care, and sleep fields, as well as discuss how advances in science will impact respiratory medicine.

The Latest Technology and Innovation. More than 200 exhibitors will be on-site to offer you a hands-on opportunity to explore new technologies, services, and innovative products. The ATS International Conference keeps you current on the latest tools available — it’s the site of numerous new product launches, so you’ll get a first look at new offerings in areas such as pharmacotherapy, electronic health record technology, spirometer testing, digital data acquisition, and much more.

The Latest Technology and Innovation
Key Finds of Landmark Studies are Announced Here First

Key Findings of Landmark Studies are Announced Here First. The ATS International Conference serves as a platform for researchers to release significant findings and scientific discoveries. ATS 2017 will continue this tradition of bringing you the latest clinical and scientific advances, and will serve as a forum for those who shape the future of medicine. Check out the research findings that were revealed for the first time at ATS 2016.

ATS 2016 Highlights

More than 16,000 attendees from around the world convened in San Francisco for ATS 2016 — one of our largest gatherings to date! Clinicians, researchers, and related health care professionals heard groundbreaking research, experienced hands-on training, connected with colleagues during learning sessions and networking events, explored about the latest products and services available, and much more: