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2016 Official Attendee Audit

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We know that as an industry professional you depend on the registration data to make an informed decision. We are pleased to present you with the certified audit data from the ATS 2016 International Conference. This certified audit is part of our continued commitment to earning your confidence; a commitment to transparency, integrity, and value for our Exhibitors and Supporting Partners.

The Event Attendance Audit is reviewed by an independent and certified auditor to objectively confirm the number of Paid Conference and Exhibits Only Attendees who actually attended the conference. The Event Audit Report presents the audited data in summary form.

Not all shows are audited. The American Thoracic Society is proud to be the first healthcare conference to provide independent, third-party validated attendance and demographic data to their exhibitors. We believe it is important for you to see an audit from the ATS, for several reasons:

  1. To provide you confidence and consistency in published registration data.
  2. To help ensure your conference objectives are realistic and achievable
  3. To help you budget and plan more effectively.