Welcome Letter

Dear Colleague,

It’s our pleasure to invite you to ATS 2014 in beautiful San Diego. We’ve been attending the American Thoracic Society’s International Conference ever since we were fellows and are honored to be serving as president of the ATS and as chair of the International Conference Committee, respectively.

The conference’s reputation as the leading scientific meeting in respiratory medicine rests on several traditional qualities that include:

  • Presenters put their heart and soul into their presentations because they know that attendees are serious about learning what will ultimately benefit patients.
  • The conference brings clinicians and scientists into the same room so that they learn from each other in ways that advance the translation of basic science into clinical care.
  • The latest information is presented so that attendees will have their finger on the pulse of what’s happening in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine.
  • And, because the Society manages conflict of interest carefully, attendees can be assured that the information that is being presented is evidence based and unbiased.

In addition, ATS is constantly adding new features to the International Conference:

  • Adult and pediatric clinical cores ensure that busy clinicians have a systematic way of keeping abreast of changes in their field.
  • The Society again expects to offer Maintenance of Certification points and credits to those attending these sessions.
  • A basic science core will explore aging and senescence–a topic highly important to respiratory medicine–during ATS 2014, featuring presenters both inside and outside ATS.
  • A more interactive Exhibit Hall extends learning throughout the International Conference.
  • And hands-on learning opportunities allow attendees to apply their knowledge immediately.

Finally, throughout ATS 2014, we will implement a new ATS-wide initiative, highlighting sessions that address the challenges of achieving health equity—in all its manifestations.

On behalf of the International Conference Committee, we look forward to welcoming you to San Diego. Together, in one place for six days, we believe we can help and inspire each other—as clinicians, researchers, and patient advocates—to make a difference in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine worldwide.

Patricia Finn Photo IrinaPetracheMD

Patricia Finn, MD
University of Illinois at Chicago
ATS President

Irina Petrache, MD
Indiana University
ATS 2014 International Conference Chair