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The Nursing Assembly has more than 200 international members, with specialists in the 3 pillars of ATS: pulmonary, critical care and sleep and beyond including pediatrics, gerontology, allergy, home care, telehealth, health information technology, psychology, rehabilitation, education, occupational health and palliative and end-of-life care

The American Thoracic Society is pleased to announce that it has partnered with National Jewish Health® to provide Nursing Contact Hours for 25 sessions. The Nursing Assembly selected sessions with content that is appropriate for and relevant to the needs of its members.

Nursing Continuing Education Contact Hours for selected sessions is provided through National Jewish Health®, a provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number, CEP 12724.


WN1 Respiratory Nursing Skills Update*
A1 Clinical Year In Review 1
A2 Current Controversies In COPD Treatment
A4 Improving ICU Decision Making At The End Of Life: Cutting Edge Strategies
A7 Hospital Re-Admissions: The Next Challenge In Pulmonary Medicine Practice
A11 Nocturnal Non-Invasive Ventilation (NNIV): Theory, Evidence, And Current Best Practice
A12 Severe Asthma: Grading The Current Evidence And Planning For The Future
A81 Nursing Year In Review
B1 Clinical Year In Review 2
B2 Exacerbations Of COPD: Current State Of Knowledge
B86 Controversies In Pulmonary Rehabilitation: A Pro-Con Debate
B90 Making Care Better: Implementing The New COPD Guidelines In Your Clinical Practice
C1 Clinical Year In Review 3
C3 Case Based Learning In COPD Management
C7 Progress In Pediatric Tuberculosis: A Global Perspective
C9 Complex Symptoms And Symptom Clusters: From Patient Assessment To Management
C11 Is There Room For Conscientious Objections In Critical Care Medicine?
C81 Pediatric Year In Review
D1 Clinical Year In Review 4
D4 Psychological Distress In ICU Healthcare Providers And The Families Of Our Patients
D5 Rationale And Models For Multidisciplinary Care Of Children With Complex Chronic Disorders
D9 The Special Case Of Older Adults In Pulmonary Medicine And Critical Care
D12 Smoke: Many Sources And A Global Threat To Lung Health
D84 Obesity In Critical Illness: Management, Outcomes, And Novel Pathophysiologic Concepts
D89 Hot Topics In Lung Transplantation

WN1 Respiratory Nursing Skills Update*
Saturday, May 18
8:00 am-4:00 pm

Pre-registration is required.

This year ATS is offering a full day workshop on respiratory nursing which will consist of a combination of lectures and hands-on demonstrations. Lectures will focus on updates on some common pulmonary disorders such as Asthma, COPD and infectious diseases. Hands-on demonstrations will allow participants to build practical skills in oxygen delivery, spirometry testing, inhaler technique, principles of bi-level non-invasive ventilation including bi-level mask fitting and much more. Participants will learn from international experts in the field.

 “Participants will leave feeling confident, empowered, and enthused,” says course Chair Monica Fletcher, RN, MS.

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