Clinical Excellence

Clinicians prize the ATS International Conference because of the rigor with which the latest clinical information is presented. As one frequent conference attendee put it, “speakers put a greater emphasis on the critical evaluation of the information presented—‘here are the strengths and the weaknesses of the latest studies and here’s how they might affect your patients.’”

Attendees also prize the strength of the science upon which clinical presentations at the ATS International Conference are made.  Understanding the science behind standards of care helps physicians and other healthcare professionals make better decisions for their patients. ATS International Conference attendees want to know not only what they should do for their patients, but why.

Clinical Year in Review

Prominent experts review a voluminous amount of literature on a given topic in pulmonary, critical care or sleep medicine before presenting the four to six most important articles for clinicians published in the past year.  Recommendations for practice are backed by the highest level of evidence and by the experts’ understanding of the science that underlies the articles.

Pediatric Year in Review

There is a special Year in Review for pediatric specialists.

Nursing Year in Review

This is a special Year in Review for nurses.

Clinical Topics in Pulmonary Medicine

In addition to providing clinical information, most clinical topics sessions include information about translational research and, often, some basic science research. Also included in this track are case-based sessions.

Critical Care Track

This track features the latest clinical information, including important clinical trials, in critical care.

Hands-on Clinical Sessions

In recent years, the ATS has expanded the number of postgraduate courses and workshops that offer hands-on learning. The ATS Clinicians Center also schedules demonstrations of new medical equipment and procedures. In addition to practical training, these sessions will provide the essential context for the use of the medical devices, scientific instruments or clinical protocols.