Past Presidents

The American Thoracic Society (ATS) was founded in 1905 as the American Sanatorium Association to prevent, control and treat tuberculosis. In 1938 is was renamed the American Trudeau Society, and finally ATS in 1960. Originally the medical section of the American Lung Association, the Society became independently incorporated in 2000 as a 501 (c) (3) organization.

1905-1919 V.Y. Bowditch, MD
1919-1923 Lawrason Brown, MD
1924-1925 J.W. Pettit, MD
1925-1926 F.M. Pottenger, MD
1926-1927 David R. Lyman, MD
1927-1928 Robinson Bosworth, MD
1928-1929 Henry Boswell, MD
1929-1930 W. L. Rathbun, MD
1930-1931 Ralph C. Matson, MD
1931-1932 Henry D. Chadwick, MD
1932-1933 Harry L. Barnes, MD
1933-1934 Fred H. Heise, MD
1934-1935 Leroy S. Peters, MD
1935-1936 E.S. McSweeny, MD
1936-1937 William H. Ordway, MD
1937-1938 Munford Smith, MD
1938-1939 Ezra R. Bridge, MD
1939-1939 Bruce H. Douglas, MD
1939-1940 J. Burns Amberson, MD
1940-1941 Lewis L. Moorman, MD
1941-1942 Harold G. Trimble, MD
1942-1943 Henry C. Sweany, MD
1943-1944 John B. Barnwell, MD
1944-1945 Julius L. Wilson, MD
1945-1946 Ezra R. Bridge, MD
1946-1947 H. McLeod Riggins, MD
1947-1948 Howard W. Bosworth, MD
1948-1949 H. Corwin Hinshaw, MD
1949-1950 Kirby S. Howlett, Jr., MD
1950-1951 Grover C. Bellinger, MD
1951-1952 John H. Skavlem, MD
1952-1953 David A. Cooper, MD
1953-1954 Donald S. King, MD
1954-1955 John D. Steele, MD
1955-1956 Stuart Willis, MD
1956-1957 Paul C. Samson, MD
1957-1958 Theodore L. Badger, MD
1958-1959 Daniel E. Jenkins, MD
1959-1960 Roger S. Mitchell, MD
1960-1961 William B. Tucker, MD
1961-1962 Robert H. Ebert, MD
1962-1963 H. William Harris, MD
1963-1964 William R. Barclay, MD
1964-1965 William S. Schwartz, MD
1965-1966 Winthrop N. Davey, MD
1966-1967 John S. Chapman, MD
1967-1968 Robert L. Yeager, MD
1968-1969 Joseph B. Stocklen, MD
1969-1970 James F. Hammarsten, MD
1970-1971 Eugene D. Robin, MD
1971-1972 James Kieran, MD
1972-1973 Alan K. Pierce, MD
1973-1974 Jay A. Nadel, MD
1974-1975 Gareth M. Green, MD
1975-1976 Attilio D. Renzetti, Jr., MD
1976-1977 Hans Weill, MD
1977-1978 Richard L. Riley, MD
1978-1979 Donald F. Tierney, MD
1979-1980 Marvin A. Sackner, MD
1980-1981 Anne L. Davis, MD
1981-1982 John F. Murray, MD
1982-1983 Robert B. Mellins, MD
1983-1984 Roland H. Ingram, Jr., MD
1984-1985 Clarence A. Guenter, MD
1985-1986 Kenneth M. Moser, MD
1986-1987 Gordon L. Snider, MD
1987-1988 Gerard M. Turino, MD
1988-1989 Joseph H. Bates, MD
1989-1990 Kenneth L. Brigham, MD
1990-1991 A. Sonia Buist, MD
1991-1992 Herbert Y. Reynolds, MD
1992-1993 James D. Crapo, MD
1993-1994 J.T. Sylvester, MD
1994-1995 Gary W. Hunninghake, MD
1995-1996 Leonard D. Hudson, MD
1996-1997 Philip C. Hopewell, MD
1997-1998 Talmadge E. King, Jr., MD
1998-1999 Edward R. Block, MD
1999-2000 Jeffrey L. Glassroth, MD
2000-2001 William J. Martin, II, MD
2001-2002 Adam Wanner, MD
2002-2003 Thomas R. Martin, MD
2003-2004 Homer A. Boushey, Jr., MD
2004-2005 Sharon I.S. Rounds, MD
2005-2006 Peter D. Wagner, MD
2006-2007 John E. Heffner, MD
2007-2008 David H. Ingbar, MD
2008-2009 Jo Rae Wright, PhD
2009-2010 J. Randall Curtis, MD, MPH
2010-2011 Dean E. Schraufnagel, MD
2011-2012 Nicholas S. Hill, MD
2012-2013 Monica Kraft, MD