Get Connected—The ATS International Conference will connect you to clinical and research  networks that can improve patient care and advance your career.

What’s New—From MOC to just published research in NEJM and JAMA, the preeminent  international conference in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine just got even better.

High-Impact Symposia—Learn about the latest basic, translational, and clinical research from world leaders to transform your career as a clinician or scientist

Environmental Sessions—Climate change is presenting health care professionals with  challenges they are just now beginning to study. Learn the latest on environmental and occupational health findings from around the world and from NASA, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other government agencies.

Health Disparities—Sessions on health disparities will enhance your knowledge and ability to overcome care barriers.

Science Core—Breakthroughs in Lung Tissue and Repair, the high-octane ATS 2013 science core, may transform your research career and patients’ lives.

MOC—ATS 2013 will get you to the Maintenance of Certification finish line a lot faster.

Engage Your Mind—Postgraduate courses, always popular for their breadth of offerings, will be more interactive than ever this year, so you’ll truly participate in your learning.

Networking at ATS 2013—All the leaders in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine will be at ATS 2013. Meet them during the Opening Ceremony; women’s and diversity forums; Clinician and Science and Innovation Center events; awards ceremonies, clinical year in review sessions; and symposia sponsored by outside agencies including the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, Food and Drug Administration, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Places to See in Philadelphia

  • Birthplace of American Medicine—Philadelphia is home to the first hospital and medical school in the United States. The city continues to expand medical horizons. Find out how by taking a tour of the Penn Lung Center or the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
  • Tour Penn Lung Center and CHOP and View $25 Billion Art Collection—Philadelphia medical, including the Penn Lung Center and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, provide exceptional care and conduct significant research. During ATS 2013, you can visit both institutions to learn more. Dr. Alfred Barnes made his fortune in pharmaceuticals, but he may be best known for his collection of Renoirs, Cezannes, van Goghs, and Picas-sos. Until this $25 billion art collection found a new home in downtown Philadelphia last year, most people had only seen these works in art books.

Fifth Annual ATS Foundation Research Program Benefit—You are invited to attend the Benefit to honor Gerard M. Turino, MD, a legend in the pulmonary world.