ATS 2013 Exhibitor FAQ’s

How do I order carpet, tables, chairs, electrical, internet, etc?

When will Freeman begin accepting freight at the Advance Warehouse?

    • Freeman will begin accepting freight on April 17, 2013 until May 9, 2013.  Be sure freight arrives between 8:00am and 2:30pm

What is the advance warehouse address?

    • ATS 2013
      • Exhibiting Company Name
      • Booth #__________
      • C/O Freeman
      • 4201 Tacony Street
      • Philadelphia, PA 19124

When can I ship direct to showsite?

    • Freight may begin to arrive at the Pennsylvania Convention Center starting on May 17th. Freight arriving earlier than May 17th will most likely be refused by the facility

What is the direct to showsite address?

    • ATS 2013
      • Exhibiting Company name
      • Booth#____________
      • C/O Freeman
      • Pennsylvania Convention Center – Halls A & B
      • 1101 Arch Street
      • Philadelphia, PA 19107-2299

What color is the aisle carpet?

    • Blue

What is the height limitation for an island booth?

    • Island booths have a height limit of 20ft

What are the hanging sign rules?

    • You must be a 20’x20’ booth or larger to have a hanging sign
    • The top of the banner cannot be any higher than 22 ft off the floor
    • The maximum allowable length for all hanging signs is 8ft
    •  All hanging sign must be at least 8ft off the floor 

What are the sight line rules for island booths?

    • All island booths must have a 30% see through from front to back and side to side. This means you must be able to see through 30% of the booth all the way around.

Is booth carpet provided and do I have to carpet my booth?

    • Booth carpet is not provided and all exhibitors must have a floor covering for the entire size of their contracted booth space

Do I have to order electrical and if so how do I do it?

    • Yes, all exhibitors must order electrical.  Please visit the Freeman website to access the Exhibitor Services Manual
    • Please note that electrical outlets will be dropped at each inline booth;  however, this is NOT included in your booth equipment

How do I order the pre-conference attendee list?

    • The order form can be found in the Exhibitor Service Manual available on the Freeman website, under Additional Vendors
    • All marketing materials and/or emails must be pre-approved prior to receiving the list

Are e-mails included in the pre or post conference attendee lists?

    • Yes and you can select the specific demographics you need or pull the entire list

Do I need insurance?

    • Yes, Each exhibitor is required to carry $1,000,000 worth of liability insurance per occurrence with a $2,000,000 aggregate and all exhibitors must submit proof of insurance via the Certificate of Insurance prior to the start of the conference. If you need to purchase liability insurance we have partnered with to offer it for just $79. Please go to and select American Thoracic Society from the drop down list.

Are there any Labor or Union restrictions that apply to the Pennsylvania Convention Center?

    • Yes, there are hand tool restrictions that apply.  Click here to view the flyer
    • Your rights as an exhibitor at the Pennsylvania Convention Center are detailed in the attached flyer